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Legacy Accepts Domestic Growth Award

President of Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging, Steve Meeker Accepts the MMLA for Domestic Growth, 2018

Legacy is proud to have been awarded the 2018 Made in Missouri Leadership Award for Domestic Growth from the Missouri Association for Manufacturers. The Domestic Growth Award is presented to a Missouri based company for demonstrating new or significant domestic growth through products, services, operations and/or facilities.

"Legacy is thrilled to have received the 2018 Made in Missouri Leadership Award for Domestic Growth! We are proud to be part of Missouri Association of Manufactures and in support of their efforts to continue to grow the vibrant manufacturing sector in Missouri. MAM’s commitment to this endeavor is “world class” and having significant positive impact in the state. To be named as their Leadership Award Domestic Growth member is a real honor and a true acknowledgment of the incredible growth journey that Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging is experiencing. We are extremely proud of our position in the industry, fueled by our unwavering commitment to safety, quality, agility and both anticipating and exceeding our customer expectations." - Steve Meeker, President, Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging.

For Legacy, high speed growth is nothing new. Production grew at an astonishing rate of more than 100% from years 2016 to 2017! 2018 is on track to increase by another 35%! Our associate base has grown from approximately 175 in 2014 to greater than 340 in 2018! Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging is a progressive and growing company and is proud to call Missouri home!

You can see all of the 2018 MMLA winners and learn more about MAM by clicking here.

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