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Legacy's Opioid Control Pack wins TSE Pharmacy Operations Equipment and Services Award

Legacy has been awarded the National Association of Chain Drug Stores' Pharmacy Operations Equipment and Services award for 2018 for their Opioid Control Pack. The award was received following the NACDS' Total Store Expo in Denver which concluded late August.

"Legacy is proud to be able to play a part in providing an economical packaging solution that helps address one of our nation's largest public health problems," commented Legacy's VP of Sales & Marketing, Brad Rayner.

"Legacy is uniquely positioned as one of the only packagers in the country able to provide an inline, automated, CR-blister solution that would meet potential future FDA mandates for opioid packaging." added Nathan Bender, Associate Director, Sales & Marketing.

Legacy has a long history of partnering with strategic vendors and customers to provide innovative packaging solutions such as the Ecoslide compliance pack in 2012 and adapted use Opioid Control Pack. Links to the award announcements can be found below:

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