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One perk of teaming with an experienced group is peace of mind in knowing we've been through this transition many times and can anticipate most obstacles to success.  Our team will work with you from concept to commercialization to ensure a successful launch!  Once we know you're serious about our program, we'll work with you to provide a MSP project plan detailed with your specific product(s) and timeline goals & objectives.  Here are a few of the areas we will be working with you to ensure a smooth transition:

drug listing


Since Legacy's NDC is printed on the  label, Legacy will be responsible for paying  for the Medicare/Medicade rebates.  Legacy does this for all Legacy NDC products and then bills Manufacturers direct for this cost as a straight pass-through.

Almost there!  Once bulk arrives at Legacy we will get it into packaging, work though review and approval of the batch record and ship to the location or locations of your choice.


rebate program

Sample of Legacy's Microsoft Project powered project planning for UOU .

Legacy will work closely with you and the manufacturer to ensure all information is uploaded correctly to the FDA as we issue a new NDC for your product.  We'll also handle updating the various databanks (First Databank, Medispan, Gold Standard, etc.) so they know how to process rebates properly.

Once you're ready to go, we'll begin working through a number of initial setup activities; everything from checking stability, working with the manufacturer on bulk availability and setting up new Master Batch Records.  We'll walk through each step with your team or sit back and let our experienced Project Managers  do the heavy lifting - that's what we're here for!

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