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Each Retailer/GPO must decide for themselves if the benefits of Unit-of-Use packaging are worth the pursuit - we're confident they are!  Participating in Legacy's established Unit-of-Use bottling program allows all parties to focus on what they do best - driving value at each step of the process.  Here are the benefits as we see them and a few white papers that  back our viewpoint:

COGS Savings

time & efficiency


Our state-of-the-art automated packaging lines are way more accurate than counting manually at the pharmacy level.  You can trust that our dedication to quality and inline automation ensures your product is safe and accurate.  Welcome to the UOU advantage of less errors due to counting and product selection!

We've done the math for you - our 360ct (12 x 30ct) gravity fed dispensing unit is less than the traditional 500ct or 1000ct bottle of bulk packaging currently sitting on your shelf.  That means less inventory for you to manage and your pharmacy is running UOU lean!

Lean Inventory

Working with the product Manufacturer to provide product in high-count configurations means they're packaging more efficiently and should be able to provide a lower cost to you!  Our customers have been thrilled to find significant savings in this new avenue for potential cost reduction.

Unit-of-Use packaging affords the pharmacy an increase in productivity when preparing prescriptions.  Time saved by not having to count to 30 all day means you can spend more time elsewhere on value-add activities such as consulting with the patient!

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